Squash Ribbons

Squash Ribbons 2

This is a quick, simple, and colorful side dish. It’s a great way to use all that squash you have from your garden or CSA. This dish can easily be made vegan by using olive oil.

Squash Ribbons

2 zucchini
1 yellow squash
1 tablespoon butter or olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced
salt and pepper, to taste

Trim the ends off the zucchini and yellow squash. Using a vegetable peeler, make thin slices lengthwise down the squash until you reach the seeds. Turn the squash and make more slices until you reach the seedy center. Repeat until only the core of the squash is left. You can discard the center portion or save it for another use (cut up and throw into a vegetable soup).

Heat the butter or olive oil in a sauté pan over medium-high heat. Add the minced garlic and cook 1 to 2 minutes. Add the squash ribbons and cook, stirring often, until tender, about 3 to 4 minutes. Season with salt and pepper, and serve

Squash Ribbons



4 Comments on “Squash Ribbons”

  1. MamaD1xx4xy says:

    Yummy! We have had zucchini similar twice this week. I use the mandolin and cut them into long julienne strips to use as “pasta”. Last Friday I put pesto sauce on it and served with grilled salmon on top….it was gone very quickly! These ribbons are pretty, can’t wait for all my squash plants to produce soon.

  2. Liz says:

    so pretty! Thanks for the follow 🙂

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