Caprese Salad with Yellow Pear Tomatoes and Bocconcini

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Despite the massive amount of rain we have gotten in the past few months, my yellow pear tomatoes are doing fairly well. Well enough that they are attracting dozens of leaf-footed bugs who are having their way with each other and my tomatoes.


I won’t even consider insecticides and have instead started an all-out assault on these relatives of the stink bug with gloved hands, squashing them to death between my thumb and forefinger. It’s brutal, but such is life.

So, back to the tomatoes. My yellow pear tomatoes are doing well and I’m getting a bunch off of the one plant I have. My basil is not doing so well, but I have enough to make one of my favorite summer dishes, caprese salad.

Caprese salads come in many forms, typically made with larger slices of tomato and fresh mozzarella with a leaf of basil sandwiched in between. The tiny balls of fresh mozzarella, also known as bocconcini, were on sale at my local Publix. You can usually find them in the deli area of the grocery store. They are so cute and perfect to pair with my sweet yellow pear tomatoes.

I’ve been on a balsamic reduction kick lately. OMG, it gets thick, syrupy, sweet, and the flavor is intensified. It’s amazing. I could drizzle it on everything. I especially like it on caprese salad (and it was pretty darn good on the zucchini caprese paninis I made last week. Sorry, no picture and no post). To make a balsamic reduction, I just pour balsamic vinegar in a small saucepan over low heat and let it simmer, stirring occasionally, until it reduces by at least half and coats the back of a spoon. When it cools down, it will thicken even more.

Caprese Salad with Yellow Pear Tomatoes and Bocconcini

This is not an exact recipe. Vary the amounts of ingredients according to need and preference.

yellow pear tomatoes (or other sweet cherry tomatoes), halved
bocconcini (or small balls of fresh mozzarella)
fresh basil leaves, torn into smaller pieces
olive oil
balsamic vinegar reduction (instructions above)
salt and pepper

Combine tomatoes, bocconcini, and fresh basil leaves in a serving dish. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic reduction. Season to taste with salt (I use Kosher salt) and freshly ground black pepper.


One Comment on “Caprese Salad with Yellow Pear Tomatoes and Bocconcini”

  1. sybaritica says:

    I’d love to try those tomatoes!

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