Thai Basil Seed Drink

Thai Basil Seed Drink

thai basil seed drink

From April 27, 2005:  When I saw this drink recipe on , I had to try it.  I just happened to be ordering Thai basil seeds from that site, so I got an extra bag.

I got my basil seeds today and immediately made the Thai basil seed drink.  Very unusual and extremely cool looking.  It didn’t taste like Thai basil at all.  In fact, it just tasted like honey flavored water….kinda disappointing.  The texture of the basil seeds was interesting and reminded me a little bit like tapioca with a tiny, crunchy center.  While I was drinking this concoction, I couldn’t help but think that this was a waste of Thai basil seeds.  I couldn’t finish the whole drink and ended up dumping the remainder in my back yard…hopefully Thai basil plants will grow from it (didn’t happen). I’m still glad I tried the drink though.

Here’s the recipe for those who are interested:

Thai basil seed drink is made by stirring 1/3 cup sugar into 2 cups water (use less sugar as per your taste preference), add 1 tablespoon honey and stir. Then add 4 teaspoons of sweet basil seed. Within 2-3 minutes the basil seeds expand and look very odd.


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